ZYLIA MUSIC is the world’s first portable recording studio that allows you to record entire 360-degree sound scene with 19 microphones placed in one device ​plugged directly to your laptop.
In ZYLIA Studio software you can AUTOMIX tracks with just one click
or have fun mixing them on your own.  It’s easy to use, sound is very natural with incredible quality, and the AUTOMIXING effect is amazing.
Focus on your music and creative flow. Record your whole band or entire 360-degree music scene at once, anywhere… with just one microphone ​and then mix your songs afterwards ​- with the flexibility of a multi-track recording setup!

​In ZYLIA Studio software you can easily record, separate tracks and mix your songs with the flexibility of a multi-track recording setup!

With the AUTOMIX  you can get a balanced recording right away. You can also change the volume and panning of separated tracks of instruments and mix them within just a few clicks.

No additional cables, complicated software and tech knowledge needed. ​Only one USB cable plugged into your laptop or Windows tablet ​and you are ready to record.

Multiple exporting options

You can export your recordings in WAV format
​ – raw, stereo mix, binaural, individual instrument tracks.

Remote control via your smart-phone

You can remotely control the recording process by using a web browser on your smartphone or tablet. With this feature you can control ZYLIA Studio parameters like monitoring of the VU meter, and start and stop your recordings. Now, even when standing away from your computer you have everything at hand.

ZYLIA Mix & Master Service

Surprise your fans with a spatial sound of your music and immersive experiences.
Give your recordings made with ZYLIA ZM-1 into the hands of professionals. Our sound engineers will mix and master your recordings to make them even more awesome. We specialize in 3D audio so the unique value of our service is access to spatial and binaural recordings.

4 songs mixed & mastered for free
​with ZYLIA MUSIC purchase!

Main features of the microphone: ​

  • High quality audio recording reproducing the spatial of sound scene
  • 19 microphone omnidirectional condenser capsules distributed on a sphere
  • LED ring status indicator informing about recording status
  • 48 kHz / 24 bit recording
  • USB connectivity making the process of recording easy
  • Recording –  ZYLIA Studio software or any DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)

​Connect it to your laptop via USB and you’re ready to go. It’s super light and beautifully designed.

ZYLIA Studio is a dedicated application which enables recording and processing of every tune created by the band.
​You can also separate your tracks using ZYLIA Studio.

Main features of the application:

  • Desktop application for MAC, Linux and Windows
  • Record, create, and store your recordings
  • Extract individual instruments into separate tracks
  • Create a balanced recording by mixing individual instruments or use AUTOMIX option
  • Produce stereo tracks in WAV (wave format 48 kHz up to 32 bits)
  • Export tracks into any DAW software
  • Free software updates

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