Don’t miss out on this amazing offer

Nova Distribution are happy to announce a new end of year offer. From now until the end of December 2019, any customer purchasing £1100 including VAT worth of Warm Audio products, will receive a WA-87 Black Edition worth £549.

Working with our official UK Nova Dealers, we will arrange for the WA-87 to be shipped directly from Nova to the customer 30 days after the offer period to allow for 30 day money back guarantees to be accounted for with our re-sellers

The following Dealers carry large stocks of Warm Audio and are ready and waiting to sell to you 🙂 Click on the logos below to visit our dealers page where you can find everything you need to get in touch

Terms and Conditions of the sale

  1. Our Dealers will email us details of the sale along with the customers details which we will create an order on our system for each one.
  2. An internal form will be filled in and an automated email will be issued to the customer with a unique reference number confirming that the customers order has been processed.
  3. After 30 days at the end of the Sale, Nova Distribution will contact the customer to confirm delivery details are still up to date and then go ahead and ship out the Free WA-87 Black Edition via UPS 24 HR shipping
  4. We will email through UPS Tracking details of the shipment when we come to issue the stock
  5. The Dealer cannot issue WA-87 stock from their own stock holdings, as the stock is specially assigned from Nova Distribution stock.
  6. There is no monetary equivalent offered on this sale
  7. There is no option to change the WA-87 for any other item
  8. Please get in touch with us if you need any additional information – 020 3589 2530