Eve Audio active 2-way monitors on road test with the dealers

Nova Distribution have been busy demonstrating the SC204, SC205 and SC208’s over the last few weeks and early feedback has been fantastic. The general consensus has been that all the 2-way models carry a family sound, this sound is signature throughout the entire range of 2-way, 3-way and 4-way systems. The bass is tightly tuned to the enclosures through the deep bass port at the rear of the unit, with each model calculated to offer a natural resonant cut off. The eve’s do not exaggerate this roll off, but rather allow the bass to sit comfortably within the sound scape. The natural bass tightness along with eves AMT (air motion transformer) ribbon tweeter provide a neutral flat time arrival to the listener. The dealers all noted how controlled and open the sound was.

Moving between many different listening environments and studio monitor demonstration areas, we were able to take full advantage of the one touch DSP control. A little tweaking is usually required to balance up the environment to the monitor. For example, some of the dealers listening rooms were small and dead, requiring a little low shelving reduction. The modal frequencies and corner bass build-ups of small rooms always offer a challenging listening environment. having the DSP control at the front of the monitor allows for quick and convenient tweaking. The dealers were also very impressed with the attention to protection built into all eve audio monitors. Holding down the DSP knob on switch on offers a slow gradual volume ramp up, and vice versa during shut down. A nice timed volume control that avoids damaging spikes. There is also a handy visual pulsing of the LED ring when the monitor experiences clipping which in turn activates the protection limiter. You can see clearly that the signal weight is too hot and adjust accordingly.

So overall, early response is hugely positive and Nova Distribution are very proud to be driving the Eve Audio range in the UK. Please get in touch if you would like to organise a listening demonstration. Nova Distribution would be more than happy to offer any advice or answer any questions you may have.