Berlin EVEnt – Part 1 – UK Dealer Factory Visit – Eve Audio

Berlin EVEnt – part 1 was hosted earlier this week with 2 of our key dealers taking part in a visit to Eve Audio’s Factory in Berlin, Germany.

Eve Audio were the perfect host to Digital Village and Funky Junk in what is to be the start of a series of visits with UK dealers to the EVE factory.

The tour included a walk through of the production halls, R&D test centre, along with a stop off in an Anechoic Chamber used by EVE during testing of their loudspeakers and subwoofers.

Eve founder Roland Stenz was on hand throughout the day offering an insight into the design and production processes employed by Eve audio. The Factory tour was completed with a controlled listening test of the Loudspeaker range in Eve’s demonstration Studio.

The Berlin EVEnt was not complete without some fantastic hospitality from Eve Audio in the way of a guided tour of Berlins extrodinary history and landmarks. Last stop of the tour found us spiralling the recently added glass dome built upon the top of the famous Berlin Reichstagg buiding.